Saturday, 18 August 2012

Going for the goal..

Going for the try line..... Im am working towards the goal...

What an eventful past 2 weeks.... I have to say that I have been really challenged with how and what to write in this blog... To be honest, I had doubted my ability to express my thoughts.... "this is too hard" "I am not good enough"..... however I know God has planted a seed in my heart to write. I am only new to this, but through expressing my thoughts I can only get better.

I am a Christian and my faith is my foundation. It is only through my faith that I have been able to work through the pain that I have gone through to truly understand, accept and forgive. It is through my faith that I have overcome and can move forward with my joy. So many people who have encouraged me to write that I am stepping out with this new venture.

We are all going through different stages in our lives, but sometimes situations talk so strongly to us that it is hard to really put the thought down until you have delt with it. Unless we learn the lessons we will repeat them over and over again, and the pain and frustration will continue. It is like "I need to get off this cycle"... I need to move forward towards the try line.

I was watching rugby league game the other night, and one of the teams dived onto the try line, but the opposition dived underneath and kept the ball up.... This means NO try... Instantly it came to me that when we are going for the try and we are just about to have a breakthrough opposition comes in and holds up the ball...

What I want to encourage you with is to be strategic with breakthrough and going for the try. Understand your weakness and the struggles you are going through. Understand there is going to be opposition who will always try to stop you when you are so close to a breakthrough, so have faith, try a new tactic, be smart about it and get that breakthrough that you need...

It is hard work and you need patience and persistence to get a breakthrough. It is easy to just give up when you are hurting, frustrated and angry, and the "this is too hard, and Im not good enough" self talk. However the breakthrough comes, and with this freedom, lightness and an even better weapon... SELF ESTEEM!!

So can I encourage you to work towards getting your goal. Get that try! Don't give up! If you get opposition, identify it, work through it and pick yourself up and keep going. It will build character and integrity. You will gain your self confidence again and respect. Your thoughts will then turn too " I can do it"...

Bless ya

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