Thursday, 2 January 2014

Shaken not stirred please..

"Shaken not stirred" please..... "what does this conjure up to you?.  As you continue this journey with me, you will get the overview that my brain is always ticking over with images, saying's and how it all interrelates.

I was driving in my car the other morning (I have been working at a new fitness centre which is a good drive from home)  it has been a time of fantastic reflection as I flick through the different radio stations to listen to songs and put my thoughts together.

While I was on my drive, I was thinking about the statement 'shaken not stirred' and how it can relate to our lives. I have this little fire that burns in my spirit that wants to shake things up in a good way. I am far from saying that my ideals are correct and for everyone, but a little passion and fire brings life and can ignite creativity and open up your world.

If our lives could be at times shaken and not stirred in a positive healthy way for personal growth, would this not be better than to stay stagnant and not grow? I meet so many people on my different journey's and love the different elements they all bring, but the one thing I always hear from people is their heart for personal growth in different areas of their lives OR the frustration they have from people not being open to new ideas or growth.

So here is my idea, to walk away and think... "Can my life open up to new concepts and ideas from allowing it to be "shaken and not stirred"?

Just a short and sweet little blog today....

Shake it up baby and have a smile on your dial. xxxx


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