Thursday, 9 January 2014

Mystical power of music

Music and dance..... there is something powerful and mystical about music... it can transport you....

Never let go of the heart beat of your foundation... for me it has been music.... bring back the primal heartbeat...xx

Music is by far is the most powerful emotional mover, it can transform a mood, bring back memories, bring people to tears and get people celebrating, worshiping and dancing. Even as a young child I have had a love affair with all different types of music from classical, rock to world music...... Every stage of my life has been represented by a musical genre.

Growing up I always had music around me, especially with my Mum playing in a folk band. She sang and played the guitar. I remember jam sessions at our house, all this cool music happening around me. To this day there are break out jam sessions, now J is involved playing the drums or percussion.

I remember as a young child always singing and dancing it was a sense of freedom and joy. My Grandfather on my Mother's side had an amazing tenor voice as did his Father, (we have to this day recordings of them singing). Music has been such a huge part of my life, I was classically trained in singing and also the flute. I remember there was talk to send me to the conservatorium of music, but I had to pick up a third instrument, and it was too late at that stage.

To this day still I sing (every day) to pretty much everything and it lifts my spirits, makes my heart light up. I hear a song and my entire mood can change by the beauty of music. There is so much to be said about music therapy and having music around for a healthy brain and lightness of spirit. You can dance, let yourself go, be free in that moment of the power of the music. I love seeing my son dancing and singing and being free....

So many other cultures have music integrated in their lives that it brings communities together and the amazing joy that it brings them. I was watching a documentary last night on Brazil and how the music from the black slaves, the natives and the Portuguese have created this powerful cultural base for life. This is totally what it is all about...

I have been stepping back into my music and it has healed my heart and lifted my spirits beyond what I could imagine. I love dancing and the freedom it brings, so here is the entire point... lol.... Never let go of the heart beat that you have been brought up with. Sometimes life gets in the way, and you let your passions and the things that ignite your passion to go, but it will bring you to a standing holt in your life and bring sadness.

Step back into the mystery of music, allow it to lift your spirits and dance... time to bring back the freedom of the primal heart beat...

Time to now get some music mixes ready for my spin classes.... I love it!!

Felicity xxx

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  1. Someone I love recently said to me 'Music is the elixir of life. More powerful than any drug.'. Couldn't say it better myself.