Sunday, 16 April 2017

The continual journey of forgiveness..

As I am laying in the dark, no light, quietness in the house, fan whirling above me, resting and having a moment of contemplation before another day.

This exact moment reminds me of 2014 New Years evening. Laying in the dark in bed early resting, it was quiet and still. I couldn't have thought of a more ideal moment. Peaceful alone time and content.

More and more in my life, I am enjoying these quiet moments. I find that now I am in a place to reflect and grow. It helps me with my healing as I have at times, held onto stuff I should have let go (way after it's used by date) Before I hated quiet time as my mind would run with bitterness, so I kept super busy.

Forgiveness is the ultimate key to your freedom. Forgiveness is a submission of yr own heart to begin to heal. I know, it can sound a little wishy washy, but taking the first step to not only forgive others, but also to forgive yourself is a massive turning point.

I have struggled on many times and even now have to take a step back when the whirl wind of life throws a curve ball at me, but have a think is it YOU who is suffering or the other person?

I have heard this many a time and I am sure you too have heard, but "un forgiveness is like drinking someone else's poison and expecting them to die ". Ouch!!!! Remember your in control of yr life, your heart and take back that territory.

Life is a continue journey of choices as we live in a society of people all who are human... Shock horror and all far from perfect (including ourselves ) You will not always agree with their actions or understand why they do the things they do... Try not to be bitter twisted and angry...

Lol, I have used the boxing bag and taken all my frustrations out at the gym on many occasions, and to this day go and smash out a hardcore training session. It's a healthy release and a way to get all that pent up frustration and emotion out... The gym has been my saving grace!!

I have had to do so much forgiveness in my life (and still do) with so many people and to this day,still have to walk in my own words. I have found that holding a grudge or bitterness actually spills out to all areas of yr life. Then bad and unhealthy decisions/choices are made... Does this ring a bell to you? I know that in myself when I was at my worst stage, I made terrible choices and the actions and words that came out of my mouth were unhealthy.

I could write so much more on this... As per usual when I put life to my thoughts, I will be challenged in this area. It's about integrity of character and making choices to a healthier mindset life and outlook.

Your choose. Today again I choose to look at my heart and continually work to get rid of un forgiveness and bitterness. When you bump into a person that triggers something, breath then breath again....

2014 is going to be a year to breath...

Felicity xxx

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